Quality Dental Plan

We understand that dental care needs to be affordable, especially for families. We also know that many companies have cut back on dental benefits or even cut them out entirely. Even if you have dental insurance, you may be concerned about your out-of-pocket expenses. So we make every effort to lighten your financial burden.

The Quality Dental Plan is one way to make dental care affordable for the whole family. There are no deductions from your paycheck every month that only pay for limited dental insurance. With the Quality Dental Plan there's only a simple one-time annual enrollment fee that entitles you to receive 20% off our standard fees! In addition, your enrollment fee INCLUDES the following:


  • Free simple teeth cleanings (up to two per year)
  • Free complete annual dental exam
  • Free x-rays for complete annual exam
  • Free teeth whitening (take home trays)
  • A 20% discount on all dental procedures
  • A $20 emergency exam
  • No waiting period. Benefits can be used immediately
  • No pre-existing condition exclusions
  • No claim adjusters dictating what treatments you can or can't have


A QDP annual membership is $278 for an initial plan member.....and only $175 for each additional family member under age 19 (up to age 23 if the dependent child is a full-time student).

Dr. Wick understands how important affordable dentistry is...especially during these hard economic times. Patients can now receive the care they need with in a budget they can afford. Dr. Wick offers patients state-of-the-art care in a relaxed, friendly environment.

Call our office (510) 782-1444 for more information about QDP.