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Robert Wick, DDS

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Robert Wick, DDS

Hayward Family Dentist Robert Wick, DDSMy passion for dentistry began when I was a young boy of 12 years of age growing up in the Midwest. I had crooked teeth and my parents made the sacrifice to send me to an orthodontist to get my teeth straightened. At that time, teeth straightening was an exception rather than the rule. I visited the dentist almost every week for two years and became very interested in dental procedures and especially how dentistry can change an introverted personality like mine by improving the appearance of my smile. With the loving encouragement of my parents to pursue my dreams, I decided that the dental profession would be a very rewarding career choice. It was exciting to think that I too, could make a positive change in peoples lives by improving their smile.

I completed my undergraduate study at University of Missouri and then received my dental degree at Washington University, School of Dentistry in 1971. After graduation, I served two years practicing dentistry as a Captain in the U.S. Army stationed at Oakland Army Base. I then started my general dentistry practice in January 1974 and have been at the same Hayward location since the beginning of practice.

I love dentistry because it gives me an opportunity to interact daily with so many wonderful people. I am committed to make every dental visit pleasant for you and your family and to live up to the commitment that I cater to cowards. There is nothing more exciting to me than to see my patients, pain-free and smiling with confidence. I receive great satisfaction knowing that I can contribute even in a small way to make a positive difference in a person's life.

In my spare time, I enjoy hiking and spending time in the outdoors. I also enjoy playing golf, gardening, taking photographs, and most of all, spending time with my wife, Sherri, and my two daughters and grandchildren.

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I've worked in the dental field since 1993. I enjoy working with Dr. Wick and all the staff because we share the same philosophy. We're always striving to be professional and caring people. We take pride that we cater to our patients with their dental needs and I feel that being able to speak Spanish helps me to accomplish this mission.


I have been working with Dr. Wick since he opened his dental practice in 1974. It has been an extremely rewarding experience and great fun! I've had the privilege of helping, and at times, encouraging our patients to receive the very best dental care from one of the very best dentists!


I have been a dental hygienist since 1999. I feel very fortunate being able to work with Dr. Wick and our terrific staff. We make such a great team.


I have worked in the dental field since 1995. Dr. Wick is an excellent dentist and I enjoy working with a kind-hearted and caring team.    Helping patient's address their dental needs and attaining a beautiful smile is extremely rewarding!


I"ve been a dental assistant since 1992. I really enjoy interacting with our patients and helping to make them feel comfortable. I was born and raised in Montana and like all outdoor sports, I enjoy all water sports and camping with friends.


I graduated from Chabot dental hygiene program in 2014. My goal as a dental hygienist is to educate and improve our patient's oral health. I enjoy working with Dr. Wick and the wonderful patients who come to visit. In my spare time, I love spending time with my husband and my beautiful twins.