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By Robert Wick, DDS
March 06, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Root Canal  

A root canal is an important treatment for dental patients who are struggling with the effects and symptoms of advanced dental decay. Root CanalEarly intervention is best, but even if the tooth pain is severe, a root canal could still help. Get the professional opinion of a family dentist at Complete Family Dentistry in Hayward, CA.

Benefits of a Root Canal
While many patients are nervous about what will happen when they sit in the dentist’s chair for a root canal, it’s more important to focus on how it will help. These are some of the key benefits of going in for a root canal at the first sign of dental decay:

- You’ll be able to keep your natural tooth, which is usually the best outcome for your dental health.
- Toothaches and discomfort will be eliminated after just a few days, while pain intensity will decrease after damaged nerves are removed.
- You will avoid the expense of cosmetic or restorative treatments, such as bridges or dental implants.

When Is This Treatment Needed?
Although a visual exam by your Hayward, CA, family dentist is the best way to know if you have a tooth infection, there is also a number of symptoms you will notice if there is a problem. Take note of the following possible signs of tooth decay that can be resolved with a root canal:

- Tooth pain that doesn’t subside.
- Dark spots on the teeth.
- Inflammation around the base of the tooth, or sores on the gumline.
- Bad mouth odor.

How a Root Canal Helps
The purpose of a root canal is to remove dental decay so that a tooth has a chance to heal. This treatment is also used to avoid the possibility of tooth loss. The tooth is disinfected and filled with a protective substance in order to reduce the chance of future infection. Also, because the tooth is usually topped with a permanent crown, it will look stronger, healthier, and more beautiful after the treatment is complete.

A Valuable Treatment
The benefits of undergoing root canal therapy will outweigh any nervousness that you may have about the procedure. Go to Complete Family Dentistry in Hayward, CA, for a consultation. Call (510) 782-1444 today to schedule a family dentist appointment with Dr. Robert Wick!