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By Robert Wick, DDS
May 21, 2018
Category: Health
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Teeth whitening is one of today's most popular and effective cosmetic dental treatments. Offered by your Hayward, CA, dentist, Dr. Robert Wick, professional teeth whitening can help you achieve a brighter, more youthful appearance. Rest assured; you'll receive expert care that leaves you smiling.

Stains, stains, stains

Yes, they accumulate over the years. Smoking, dark foods and beverages, and simple aging are the commonest causes, but fortunately, these discolorations also are the easiest to remedy. Here's why.

Most dental stains are composed of organic matter which catches in tooth enamel. Enamel is a network of highly calcified fibers, much like a piece of cotton cloth or burlap, except that the network is rock-hard. Food residues, tobacco, and other material build up, and over time teeth appear several shades darker than they once did.

Additionally, teeth may darken from oral injury, root canal therapy, or abscess. If these conditions cause teeth to change color, professional teeth whitening in Hayward will not solve the problems; only restorative treatments will.

If you desire a whiter smile, Dr. Wick will examine your teeth and gums to confirm they are healthy enough for the procedure. Smiles with many restorations such as crowns, fillings, and veneers generally are not good candidates, and people who have gum problems must have those addressed first before undergoing any cosmetic dental treatment.

Your whitening options

If you are a candidate for professional whitening, you have two choices: in-office whitening and at-home whitening. Both kinds render similar results: enamel that is several shades brighter.

In-office whitening takes a single two-hour visit during which the dentist swabs on powerful hydrogen peroxide gel and activates it with a special light. At-home whitening uses a less concentrated gel applied via acrylic trays. The trays are worn for several days in a row for a specifically prescribed time each day.

Each method protects the soft tissues of the mouth, including the gums, from sensitivity issues, a frequent and uncomfortable result of over-the-counter strips and shopping mall treatments. Dr. Wick will explain your options to you so you make an informed choice.

After whitening

Expect dramatic results which last indefinitely if you:

  • Brush, floss, and get six-month cleanings and examinations with Dr. Wick
  • Undergo whitening touch-ups when needed
  • Forego tobacco
  • Limit staining drinks and foods (you can drink your tea, coffee, or cola with a straw)

Learn more

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry says that people who undergo professional teeth whitening generally feel better about their personal appearance. Would you like to be more confident when you smile? Then, contact Dr. Wick in Hayward, CA, for a teeth whitening consultation: (510) 782-1444. You will love the results!

By Robert Wick, DDS
January 29, 2018
Category: Health
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You have some dental symptoms that will not go away. Bad breath, sharp pain when you chew, and just a feeling of malaise typically mean root canalinfection. Infection threatens the integrity of a tooth, but don't worry. Your Hayward dentist, Dr. Robert Wick, offers root canal therapy, a tried and true restorative procedure that may allow your tooth to stay comfortably in place for years.

What is root canal therapy?

The formal name is endodontics. It involves treating the soft pulp contained in the interior of each tooth. The pulp helps a tooth develop during adolescence, but as a person ages, its active function diminishes.

Therefore, if the pulp becomes inflamed or infected through injury or decay, it may be removed, the tooth sealed with inert gutta-percha and then protected with a customized dental crown. In short, that's root canal therapy in Hayward, and it's a tooth-saver.

Do you need it?

Dr. Wick can tell you by looking at your tooth and gums, X-raying the area and evaluating your symptoms. Many of his patients who qualify for root canal therapy in Hayward exhibit these symptoms:

  • Visible crack in the tooth enamel
  • Deep discoloration of the tooth
  • Sharp pain when biting or chewing
  • A red pimple on the gums
  • Persistent bad breath (halitosis)
  • Swollen jaw
  • Throbbing toothache
  • Fever and malaise

Additionally, most avulsed (knocked out) teeth require root canal therapy. Teeth which have been displaced laterally or deeper into the socket (luxated) usually qualify for root canal therapy a week or two after injury, says the American Association of Endodontists.

Does it hurt?

Root canal therapy in Hayward requires only locally injected numbing medication and over the counter ibuprofen afterwards. Generally, a two-visit root canal treatment relieves the extreme symptoms associated with abscess or injury.

So if you've heard people say that root canals really hurt and take multiple appointments, don't believe them. Dr. Wick and his team comfortably save injured and ailing teeth, avoiding the problems extraction causes (smile gaps, compromised speech and eating, and drifting of remaining teeth).

Don't wait

If you're noticing dental symptoms such as the ones outlined above, contact Dr. Robert Wick in Hayward for an appointment. The National Consumer Advisory Board has selected Dr. Wick as one of America's Best Dentists. So you know you're in good hands. Call (510) 782-1444.

By Robert Wick, DDS
October 24, 2017
Category: Health
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Learn more about the many ways cosmetic dentistry could be right for you.cosmetic dentistry

Are you ready to feel confident showing off your smile at your next big office meeting or date? Well, it’s a bit hard to feel confident smile if you hate the way your smile looks, right? Fortunately, you have our Hayward, CA, cosmetic dentist, Dr. Robert Wick, on your side who can revamp your smile in a host of unique and great ways to help you achieve the look that will make you feel self-assured in your appearance.

Bonding and Contouring

For all of life’s little imperfections, these simple, inexpensive and non-invasive cosmetic options may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Dental bonding uses the same moldable tooth-colored resin used for dental fillings. The only difference is that the bonding material is being matched to the tooth and then applied over these imperfections without the need for drilling or anesthesia. Bonding can cover small chips, cracks, discolorations and even gaps between teeth. Bonding can also improve the overall shape or length of a tooth.

Contouring may even be recommended in conjunction with bonding (they often go hand in hand). During contouring treatment, our Hayward dentist will carefully and painlessly shave off trace amounts of tooth enamel in order to reshape a tooth. This can be a great option for someone who deals with ragged or excessively sharp or pointy teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Ever wished you could remove those stubborn dental stains or brighten yellowing, dull teeth? Not finding the results you had hoped for with whitening toothpastes or over-the-counter whitening trays? If so, then you may just want to consider the strongest whitening system on the market. With our higher quality and significantly stronger whitening gel, your teeth are sure to become several shades whiter in just one session. Whitening is a great option for someone who wants to remove stains caused by consuming certain stain-producing foods and drinks, or for someone who has used tobacco products in the past.

Dental Veneers

Sometimes the cracks, chips and other imperfections you have are a little bit harder to tackle with a simple teeth whitening session or with bonding and contouring. If the issues you have are still only cosmetic but are a bit more extensive then we may recommend hiding these problems with porcelain veneers.

These ultra thin tooth-colored shells are bonded to the front of teeth to improve the overall appearance, color, shape and size of your smile. They can also cover multiple imperfections of different severities and veneers could even get your smile a bit straighter, too.

Have questions about the different cosmetic dentistry services we offer in Hayward, CA? Ready to find out how we can specifically help you? Then it’s time you scheduled your smile consultation with us. Call our dental office today!

By Robert Wick, DDS
August 08, 2017
Category: Health
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Find out how family dentists make it easy to get the comprehensive dentistry your family dentistry

You lead busy lives as it is, having to rush the kids to and from school (not to mention all of their after-school and weekend activities), you have to get to work, run errands, make dinner and get the kids to bed before doing it all over again. Sometimes life can feel like a whirlwind. So it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that some families don’t make the time that they should for their dental health. Fortunately, our Hayward, CA, family dentist, Dr. Robert Wick, can make your next dental experience so much easier.

“How?” you may be wondering. Well, there are actually many reasons to choose a dentist who can cater to the needs of your entire family:

It’s Convenient

Does the idea of having to take your children to their dentist and then having to go to a separate dentist sound like an unnecessary hassle? Then cut out the middleman and turn to us. Our Hayward dentists make it possible for everyone in your family to get oral exams, cleanings and a variety of dental treatments that they need to maintain healthy smiles for life.

Save Yourself Some Time

Your life is already busy enough as it is. Why add more on your plate? Going to the dentist shouldn’t be a challenge or a chore. We want to make it easier on you to get your entire family the dental care they need. Not only will coming into our dental office save you time and money, but also we will work with multiple insurance companies and even offer payment plans to make sure that everyone gets the care they deserve no matter their finances.

Establish Rapport

You want any doctor that you have to take a vested interest in your health, and the same should ring true for a dentist. You want a dentist that has watched your children grow up and knows their long-term medical history and can provide safe, effective dental care as a result. Making sure that you have a dentist that you’ve created a great working relationship with will go a long way to making your routine visits a breeze.

Whether you need to schedule a routine cleaning or you have questions about the services we offer, don’t hesitate to call our Hayward, CA, dental office today to learn more about what we can do for you.

By Robert Wick, DDS
May 10, 2017
Category: Health

Find out more about this simple cosmetic dentistry and what it can do to recontour your smile.tooth reshaping

Sometimes people want to make minor adjustments to the appearance of their smile but they are also looking for something a little more cost effective. Our Hayward, CA, cosmetic dentist Dr. Robert Wick understands that cosmetic dentistry shouldn’t be a luxury but rather an option that anyone can consider. Find out more about dental bonding and reshaping and whether this non-invasive treatment is right for you.

What is dental bonding?

If you want to cover minor discolorations, gaps, chips and cracks, as well as uneven teeth, then dental bonding could be all you need to revamp your smile. While most people worry that even the smallest imperfections will require dental veneers, you’ll be happy to know that dental bonding provides a simple, inexpensive and non-invasive way to makeover your smile without the need for drilling or anesthesia.

When you get dental bonding in Hayward, CA, we will apply a tooth-colored material (the same material used to fill a tooth after a cavity) over these flaws and mold them until the proper look has been achieved. Then the resin is hardened with a laser. This can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to complete, depending on the types of imperfections and which tooth you want to treat.

What is tooth reshaping?

Our Hayward, CA, dentist is able to remove small bits of enamel from the tooth in order to change the shape or length. If you find that you are dealing with extremely pointy teeth or if your uneven smile has you dealing with a bad bite, then tooth reshaping (sometimes referred to as tooth recontouring) might be able to help.

Since enamel removal is minimal, this procedure doesn’t usually require a local anesthesia to numb the area. Once the tooth has been reshaped, it is polished and smoothed down for an even, clean appearance.

Before getting tooth reshaping, we will need to perform a series of x-rays to ensure that your teeth are healthy enough for treatment. Once we have determined that you are a good candidate for tooth reshaping, the cosmetic treatment takes around 30 minutes to complete.

Do you have questions about dental bonding? Are you interested in finding out whether your smile could benefit from cosmetic dentistry? Our Hayward, CA cosmetic dental office can help. Call us today.